The Second Bahamas Surprise

Posted by on May 01 2007 | Bahama Fishing

On my departure day Dan and I drove around the island photographing flowers for Lexi. I found a nice conch shell to smuggle home. All too soon I said good bye to Herman, Sydney, and all the friendly people I had met.

Dan took me to the airport where I waited several hours for a late plane. By the time I arrived in Fort Lauderdale my United flight to Atlanta was long gone.

After several hours of running from one ticketing counter to another without stopping to eat, I barely managed to catch a flight to Denver. After a long weary night in the airport I once again flew over the white snowy Montana mountains.

The silver bird put its flaps down and the wheels touched the runway. Lexi was waiting with a big smile. As we walked to the pickup I was greeted by wind and snow.

When we arrived in Ennis, Lexi said she had something to put together in the house before I could enter. Puzzled I waited in the pickup. The kitchen door opened and out came flying a black and white border collie pup.

Lexi smiled and said, “I named him Cosmo.”



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